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Mintycode’s Mission

MintyCode is designed to address three of the most pressing challenges faced by the open source software development community: ownership, author attribution and fair remuneration. In the vast realm of software development, countless developers pour hours into creating software that has the potential to benefit billions. Yet, many of these contributors often go unrecognised or unrewarded for their tireless work and groundbreaking contributions. The results of the work are frequently owned by a small group of stakeholders. MintyCode seeks to rectify this discrepancy, all while upholding the core principles of Minty Coding.

What is Minty Coding?

Minty Coding is software development practice that implements a system where individual contributors are recognised and rewarded based on the quality, quantity, and impact of their contributions.

Fair Attribution

MintyCode believes in the power of giving credit where credit is due. In the digital age, it's easy for individual contributions to get lost in the crowd. MintyCode ensures that every developer, from freelancers to seasoned professionals, receives rightful recognition for their efforts and innovations.

Transparent Remuneration

At the heart of MintyCode is the mission to ensure that developers are fairly compensated for their work. Through a transparent system, MintyCode ascertains that rewards align with the value and impact a developer brings to the community.

Promoting Collaboration

MintyCode isn't just about recognition and remuneration it's about fostering a community where developers from all backgrounds come together, share ideas, collaborate on projects, and collectively push the boundaries of what's possible in the software realm.

Decentralised Ownership

MintyCode promotes the distribution of control and power across the community, rather than centralising it with a select few. We seek to create an environment where each contributor not only has a stake in the outcome of projects but also a say in the decision-making process.

MintyCode Ambassadors is a community of software engineers committed to shaping the future of software development in the era of decentralisation

As an Ambassador you will play a pivotal role in

  • Advocating for transparent distribution of value and recognition among the global developer community
  • Ensuring fair compensation for active contributors in the open source realm
  • Contributing to and Promoting best practices of Minty Coding

Why Become a MintyCode Ambassador?

Champion Fair Attribution

Speak about MintyCode on social media platforms, during events, meetups, or conferences. Promote the principles of Minty Coding by sharing rewards with collaborators.

Earn What You Deserve

Receive early access to reward and revenue-sharing programs initiated by Mintycode and our partners.

Collaborate with the Best

Collaborate with a diverse group of top-tier software engineers from around the world, bringing their expertise, insights, and passion to shape the future together.

Shape the Decentralised Software Era

Decentralisation is past, present and future of software development. Be at the forefront, leading and influencing the way the developer community embraces decentralisation.

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