Guide: How to Create Support Request for any Open Source Project

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Tatiana Botskina
Tatiana Botskina

If you'd like to ask for help and offer financial support to the project owner, collaborators, or anyone who helps you resolve an error or add a custom feature to an open-source project, you can create a Support Request for any open-source project.

  • Search for a project of interest on the main page using keywords or the repository owner's name. Image
  • In search results, select the repository of your interest. Image
  • On the repo page, click on the three vertical dots next to the repository name and select 'Custom Support Request'. Image
  • If you're a new user, you'll be prompted to sign up and connect both your GitHub and bank accounts. Image
  • After completing the sign-up or login process, return to the repo page and fill in the mandatory details for the Support Request, including:
    • Title
    • Due date (the date by which the work should be completed)
    • Visibility of the Support Request. By selecting 'Owner' or 'Collaborator', only the respective users can accept your Support Request. By selecting 'Anyone', any user can accept it.
    • Amount you're willing to pay
    • Payment terms
    • Description of your request
    • Check or uncheck the box to create a GitHub issue. Image
  • Press the 'Create' button to publish the Support Request when you're ready. Image Image
  • You can view the status of the Support Request in the 'Support Requests' tab of the repository. Image
  • Additionally, you can track the progress of your Support Requests on the 'My Profile' page. Image
  • For each Support Request, you can monitor progress, approve the solution, and initiate payment once you're satisfied with the results. Image